Saturday, December 15, 2012

Memories In The Making

The time we spend with our families is valuable and at times seems extremely hard to come by with the hectic schedules and the various activities of life.  I am the most happy when we can be together and not really do anything at all.
I recall a specific time I had as a boy.  It seemed like a normal day around our house.  My older brother and I were riding our bikes and trying hard to learn to 'pop-a-wheely'.  We would ride up one side of the street and begin to pull up hard on the handle bars of our bikes to lift the front wheel off the ground.  To pop-a-wheely requires some coordination but then to 'ride-a-wheely' is in a complete other realm of imaginary possibilities.  We tried over and over and got to where we could pop a darned good wheely but never being able to master the riding a wheely part.
That time spent with my brother was very simple but enjoyable nonetheless.  It is the quality of time not necessarily quantity.  I have many memories just like that one.  We have tried to keep things simple but it doesn't always work out the way we planned it to be.
The time we spend together will ultimately make some of life's greatest memories.  Keep making them!