Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Year Is Winding Down

I awakened this morning to the gentle snowfall here in Magna, Utah.  I peered out the kitchen window and felt extremely grateful for the freedom that exists where we live.  I watched the snow as it fell to the ground and I felt gratitude to live in a place where I can enjoy each season of the year.  My mind remembered the days long ago when I worked out in the cold and the snow as a very young boy.  Even though it was cold and less desirable I learned the value of dedicated hard work in my life.  I love to think of those memories because those were shared alongside my older brother Brant.  We made some really good memories together.
It boggles my mind that this year has come and gone so swiftly.  It has been filled with joy and happiness.  The happenings of each day has brought a smile to my face and I have come to recognize the goodness that exists in my life and the great things others are doing to make this world a better place.
Our family has grown a lot and the things that they have taught me are beyond measure. 
There are still a few great days left this year and I plan on getting the very most out of every single one.  The new year will bring with it some different opportunities that will uplift and strengthen us all.
Look to the new year with optimism and the good is exactly what you'll find.  I love all of you whether I know you or not.  I hope that you find as much in life as I do.  Life is a journey of happiness and great joy!

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