Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Prayer From The Heart

An experience happened today that  both brightened and enlightened my heart.  Our young niece volunteered to pray a blessing on the food.  She is a cute girl and her heart is like other children her age, pure as gold.  In her blessing there was one part that touched my heart to the very core and was a blatant reminder for me in my own life.  "Please bless us that we will remember how much we love each other."  I have thought about those words the remainder of the evening.
Look inside your own families and although the dynamic is very interesting from family to family there exists the ability and the desire to have active love.  I hope that it will be the desire of us all to "remember how much we love each other," because we do.  If there are things that are amiss within your own circle of 'family' then do what is necessary to repair and make right.
Life is too short!
I will always remember that clear piece of wisdom that was spoken from the lips of a young and innocent child.

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