Monday, December 31, 2012

The End Of 2012

The end of the year has come and it's already the final post of this great year.  When I typed my first post an entire year seemed quite long but I wanted so badly to write about and focus on the positive things that happen in our lives.  My intention was to talk about the good things that people are doing and the touching acts of kindness that would impact my life and the lives of those around me.  I hope that I have sufficiently displayed that there is a lot of good going on and that just because our society highlights many of the negative things doesn't mean that those are the only things that are really happening.
Take every opportunity to seek out the joyous things of life and go out of your way to do something for somebody else that will bring the love and true happiness into their life.  It not only blesses the person that you serve but your life is also blessed for your kindness.
I end this year with an experience of my own.
Not too long ago a man approached me.  This was a man who by the world's standards was poor and without anything of worth.  His clothes were tattered and the filth of his way of living was obvious.  That didn't matter at all to me.  He needed something and I listened to him as he uttered the desires of his heart.  He was hungry and he asked for some money to purchase a meal that would satisfy him for a time.  I gladly gave.  His response was sincere and he walked away.  My mind thought about many things with regards to this lonely man.  I thought about his way of life.  He understood poverty but not just because he had no food to eat, it ran much deeper.  Did he have a family who was living this sad way of life or was he literally all alone?  These were the thoughts that raced through my mind.
In 2013, I ask that each of us please try to do everything in our power to help in every way we can.  Let it not be a question of whether you can help rather the opportunity to help where you can.  Even a tiny bit of help goes a long way.
Welcome to the end of 2012 and welcome to a new year of refreshment and newness.  It's going to be a fantastic year and the blessings that we see will be life-changing. 
I love my life!  Thanks for spending a small part of my life with me through this daily work.  It's truly blessed my life.

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